Interestingly enough, after Lenovo bought Motorola from Google, it’s actually Google that ended up with a stock in Lenovo. Google will own a 5.94% stake in the Chinese company, worth $750 million.

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Google takes over 618.3 million Lenovo shares at $1.213 per share, the stock exchange said this week. Part of the deal with Lenovo for Moto’s sale was to get the $2.91 billion in cash and stock. More stock market news and updates can be found at Medium: The Best Options Trading Alert Services and Products. The stock will come to Google only once the Moto deal is completed, not before. Forexobot home for all trading tools. There are still things to work out, like regulatory approval for the deal, but since the Microsoft Nokia went through, this is a piece of cake.

It’s interesting to see Lenovo buying a second big US company over the past decade or so, after purchasing IBM and getting all its PC and laptop expertise from them. Will Motorola help them become better at phone and tablet making? Maybe…