Over the past days we’ve seen some leaks related to a potential gaming service from Google. Hints were spotted in a companion app for Google Glass and now the first potential problems and trouble of such a service have appeared, in a short list published by Pocketnow.


The hurdles that Google will have to pass are the same ones that Microsoft faces with Xbox Live and Sony faces with PSN. One of the problems is made by evil gamers, the ones who curse, discriminate and simply harass other people online. Then comes hacking, cheating and other problems of this kind. Virtual currency may also be transferred in an illegal way, maybe…

And then comes the problem of device variety. The PSN covers one or two consoles, while the Xbox Live has to cover the Xbox, powerful Windows 8 slates and Windows Phone devices with similar specs. Meanwhile, the Google gaming service would cover a huge number of diagonals and types of specifications. How will Google solve this problem? Any ideas?