It’s a big battle in the UK for retailers to stay relevant, since some retail chains are truly behemoths that are gobbling up the smaller ones. UK retailer GAME is trying to stay in the biz and after switching to downloadable games for a while it will start to also sell tablets.


The new products will be available at 150 GAME UK locations and the decision resembles the one that GameStop adopted in USA. Nexus 7 will be offered, as well as the iPad Mini, the latest gen iPad and the rest of the lineup that you’re expecting. We also find the 100 quid Acer Iconia B1-A71 on the list and the Archos GamePad gaming tablet, for 130 quid.

There are also some lower cost DGM-built slates, priced at about 60 quid. The sudden tablet love from GAME is not that new, since back in October 2012 they introduced the Nexus 7 and following its success, they decided to expand the offer this year. This goes to show that a true gamer may have to switch to tablets some day and ditch his console…