There’s nothing you can’t use the iPad for, be it wedding pictures, cooking, cutting sushi on it, in flight gear or medicine. Today there’s a new use for it: art installations. As you can see below the folks of nClosures have relied on the Apple slate for a complicated setup of DNA replicas.


Designer William Coburn took the iPads and used them to mimic the form of what’s being studied. One of the kiosks includes a DNA double helix made of iPads, that in turn are showin DNA components/molecules and such. nCloser also have a sketch on their website showing a sort of tree-like structure with iPads placed at the end of branches. That one is about nature, trees and the environment.

There’s also the interactive aspect of the installation that people may find appealing. It’s one thing to view the iPad as part of an installation and another to actually have it participate actively and expand knowledge of onlookers. What other purposes can you think of when it comes to iPad use?