Sometimes it’s the strangest of places that we find leaks… This time a Nokia Adidas app is showing what seems to be a Nokia tablet or maybe a stand-in for that device. The picture seems to resemble tons of concepts and renders related to the slate, ones we’ve seen over the past months.


It’s interesting to notice that the Athletes section of the app makes me think of the Metro UI, so it’s surely Windows material. Odds are 90% that this is not actually real, since we’ve got no Windows button on the front, which is usually a requirement for Windows tablets and Windows Phone devices, for that matter.

Other than that, the slate seems to follow the Fabula design and keep the Lumia format in a bigger shell. The micoach section looks pretty hot and once again like the UI in Windows 8 and Windows RT. As usual @evleaks is the one to spot the leak and the last time he leaked something about Nokia, it turned out to be true. Is this also the real deal?