Now that the iPad 3 official debut date is set to be March 7th, we can relax and start looking for the iPad 4. The closest thing to that we get is the following futuristic iPad concept, created by Aatma Studio. This device features a bezel-free design and it attaches to another iPad via magnets and interacts with it through NFC.

The iPad concept also has a holographic display and it projects a new interface near it for interaction purposes. We’ve been hearing about bezel free handsets and tablets for a while now, but no company has made any solid move to that direction. Apple sounds like the kind of maker to jump onto this bandwagon, although the main concern here is the fragility of the device’s facade, once it uses no bezel to protect the screen. The idea of connecting iPads together into a Surface-like interface is brilliant and since Apple has been experimenting with magnets, they might pull this one off.

However, the hologram part and the projector would require a bit too much battery, so maybe solar power will also aid in juicing up this futuristic tablet…

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  • Striderevil

    How can anyone even start to speculate on ipad4 when 3 hasn’t even been shown yet. No one even knows if this is going to be an ipad2s version instead of next gen just as was done with their ridiculous phone or the way Samsung showed their 10.2. Bezel Free will never come out as it is practically the dumbest move. For one lack of proper grip, blocked viewing due to your thumb in the way, playing games will be very hard and you give way too much credit in their ability to come out with a processor that can do all the tasks and maintain battery life. Lets wait for March 7th