If you judge the following shootout by the phrase “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”, the iPad Air shouldn’t fall hard at all, because it’s a feather weight device. This is an interesting initiative from Richard Ryan, who decided to take a sniper rifle to the iPad Air.

4-11-2013 11-59-42 AM

He filmed the shooting with a Google Glass and used a semi automatic sniper riffle Barret, a 50 caliber unit. Obviously, the 7.5 mm iPad Air didn’t make it alive and its unibody aluminum shell was riddled with bullet holes. I have to say that those bullets are quite huge. What’s next? Well, the usual cliches that revolve around each product launch.

4-11-2013 12-00-04 PM

I’m talking about the usual Will it blend episode, the usual Russian guy using a machine gun on this iPad, people running it over with a car and the standard piece of news saying “the iPad Air saved my life”, coming from a guy who was shot and the bullet stopped in his tablet.