Finally, a decent set of renders for a new format of device! I’ve been less than impressed by all the renders for those foldable phones, but I can totally get behind the renders for this LG tablet, created by Letsgodigital.

LG hasn’t been the most prolific of tablet makers lately, but they’re still prepping some products behind the scenes. Now they have a new patent filed with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office), that’s been approved and published last week. It shows a bezel less device, with a wireless detachable keyboard. It also has a cover that can be used as a cradle after you unfold it. The wireless keyboard, plus the bezel less tablet are shown in two different design patents, but they’re most likely part of a bundle.

There are some angles that seem to show a sort of foldable device, but I think I’m reading too much into it. This actually reminds me of the LG Tab Book Duo, which debuted in 2015. It had a separate keyboard, which could be combined in a compact way. MWC 2018 had very few tablets, but with the rise of foldables and new formats we could see a new increase.

I see there are rounded corners here, a touchpad on the keyboard and a pretty slim format. Patents are patents so don’t get your hopes up.