We usually see just 1 or maybe 2 new products announced during an event, but Fujitsu revealed today a huge number of 11 devices. Among them we have 7 laptops, a desktop model, another PC called ‘long-life’ variant, and 2 new tablets, all with Windows 10 operating system on board.


Apparently, these products will be available for the moment only in Japan starting later this month. Well, Fujitsu’s new lineup includes a 13.3-inch tablet with dust, water and chemical resistant certification, and optionally with a palm vein sensor for security. There’s a 12.5-inch tablet called Fujitsu Arrows Tab R726/M, device that comes in the package with a detachable magnetic keyboard.

When the keyboard is attached, the thickness of the devices goes up to 14.7 mm, while offering at the same time a little kickstand. We get a Full HD resolution, and LTE or Wi-Fi only variants. Getting to laptops, we notice the introduction of LifeBook S926/M and LifeBook U745/M, computers with palm vein sensors system for unlocking.

Fujitsu also revealed 5 other laptops: The LifeBook E756/M, E746/M, E736/M, E556/M and E546/M, and a couple of new desktop computers like the Esprimo K556/M (Windows 10, Intel Xeon), and the Esprimo J529/FA – a long-life PC according to the company.