Fujitsu had great promise in the Lifebook TH40/D slide-out keyboard tablet, shown last month, but sadly this product has been postponed. This model was supposed to go on sale by the end of this month, at least in Japan.

Now the launch date has been pushed indefinitely, according to the company, for unknown reasons. If time passes and the specs of this unit become obsolete, don’t be surprised if we’ll be seeing a cancelation. The Fujitsu Lifebook TH40/D is a Windows 7 tablet, packing a 10.1 inch display, a 1.5GHz Intel Atom Oak Trail CPU and a 120GB HDD.

There’s also 1GB of RAM on board and this model measures 0.7 inches in thickness, while weighing 2.4 pounds. Well, that’s a beefy tablet for sure… Samsung unveiled a similar unit in January, but we’re still waiting for it to ship.