Fujitsu had a field day today, updating its Arrows lineup of tablets and laptops (plus desktops) with 20 new models that run on Windows. The launch was handled by Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited. There are 3 new enterprise tablet models out there, from two product series and 14 notebook models from 5 product series. The newcomers are rounded up with 3 new desktop PC models from a single series. Let’s check them out.

The Fujitsu Tablet Arrows Tab lineup of Windows tablets includes the 13.3 inch Arrows Tab Q738, with high end CPUs, plus the new Arrows Tab V727/S, with a 12.3 inch panel, 3:2 aspect and the ability to show A4 sized content. The Arrows Tab Q tablet series includes 13.3 inch LCD models (Tab Q 738/ SB), with Full HD res, IPS LCD panels and a body that’s 20% lighter and thinner than the previous gen models. An Active pen is also available for storage in the body.

The biggest part of the launch was the unveiling of the 14 new models of notebooks from 5 product series, powered by the latest Intel 8th generation Core processors. The Lifebook E558/S and E548/S laptops have 15.6 inch and 14 inch LCD displays and they also have reduced weight. They have a generous amount of ports, including HDMI, analog RGB, 3 USB ports and one is Type-C. Ethernet is also here, plus they can be outfitted with security devices.

They all run Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, in case you’re wondering. The Fujitsu Desktop Esprimo lineup of desktop PCs has been expanded with 3 new models, all part of the D Series. Fujitsu Workstation Celsius has been enhanced too and one of the most interesting newcomers is the 17.3 inch widescreen mobile model Celsius H970. It lets you choose a high end graphics card, the NVIDIA Quadro P5000.

Most of these devices arrive either in February or January this year, with prices starting at around $1400. Of course, workstations can cost even 10 times that.