The Fujitsu Lifebook P727 is the latest convertible model to be certified by the FCC and seems to be packing some pretty potent specs on board. This model seems somehow oddly related to the Fujitsu P Series, that included models like the P7701 or P701 from 7 years ago.


Anyway, this new Lifebook will come with a Kaby Lake processor, a 12.5 inch screen with a Full HD or HD resolution (both listed) and a 4170 mAh battery. The battery sounds kind of modest, but it may just be a test unit that went through the FCC and we may get a bigger one in the end. This version has a Core i7 chipset and we may see the first Yoga-style hybrid from Fujitsu, as they enter the big boys league.


We don’t exclude the option of a rotating hinge or other similar mechanisms. There’s also word about a special port or lid that will let you access the storage, or SSD. The model certified by the US authority is a pre-production unit, so some components may change, but we’ll know for sure at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, where Fujitsu is going to bring this product. Expect 4 GB of RAM at least here.

A kickass sound system would also be very much welcome.

  • Robert Jasiek

    HD or Full HD suggest the useless 16:9 display ratio Fujitsu has used so far. I would be interested in Fujitsu tablets if they had 4:3 or 3:2 with matte display. Even the latter is not guaranteed. After years of semi-matte displays, Fujitsu also used useless glare displays to make them unsuitable outdoors and in bright indoor environments. New models do not help us if Fujitsu does not get the display basics right.

    Do we really need to wait until eInk technology adopts colour and 16 bit grey scale to be combined with matte 4:3 displays or will any tablet manufacturer be less slow offering such?