Usually when we hear about an enterprise tablet we imagine a bigshot model, maybe a 10 or 12 incher. Well, today Fujitsu announced an 8 inch enterprise tablet, which is an interesting product. This newcomer is dubbed Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q335/K and it’s shown below.


This is a compact and lightweight product, that’s supposed to be ideal for business use. It relies on the “latest Intel Atom processor”, as they call it, but seeing how new Intel Atom models were launched this week, I wouldn’t say it’s the latest. Anyway, the CPU here is the Intel Atom Z3735F and we’ve got Windows 8.1 Pro as the OS.

There’s Microsoft Office available as an option, allowing users to read documents and create materials on the go, said Fujitsu. The manufacturer said that by reducing the unit’s weight to less than 400 grams and limiting the width to 126 mm and thickness to 9.9 mm they created a very friendly format. That’s why the tablet can be held with a single hand easily.

Fujitsu didn’t reveal other specs sadly, stuff like RAM, on board storage and other features remaining a mystery.