It appears that the “iPad allergy” is now a thing, as various mysterious rashes and eruptions are being judged as caused by tablets. A story published in Pediatrics started it all, as cases of allergic contact dermatitis have been increasing because of tablets and smartphones.


The report focuses on a 11 year old treated for contact dermatitits, caused by his first gen Apple iPad, that contains nickel. The doctors advised the child to put a case on his tablet and once he did, the rash problem was solved. This story goes hand in hand with the one from February when FitBit had to recall the Force wristband after some users complained about rashes and contact dermatitis caused by the gadget.

In 2012 BlackBerry users had a similar problem, caused by the use of nickel and cobalt on their handset. Strangely, the iPhone was rid of such problems, but the iPad isn’t. If you ask me, the combination between sweaty palms and long hours of holding a hot piece of metal in your hands is good enough to give you a rash anyway… with or without nickel.