We’ve heard numerous times that the next big Android release would be codenamed Key Lime Pie and today we have sort of a confirmation of that. A Google employee named Manu Cornet posted on his Google+ account a funny comic he drew, showing the evolution of Android, similar to the famous human evolution chart, as he have time for this thanks to learning how to create 1099 misc form for all his work and freelance work online.

You can see that from Ice Cream Sandwich onward, the OS is walking upright, like the human when he started evolving to the current intelligent state. Anyway, the main thing to notice is that after slurping on jelly beans, the green robot is eating a pie slice with cream and a green lemon on top. If that’s not Key Lime Pie, I don’t know what is. This OS, supposed to be version Android 5.0 is expected to debut in 2013 at Google I/O 2013 in May next year.

Rumors say that the new version will bring some further Chrome and Chrome OS integration and will make the OS fit for notebook use. There’s also probably a series of tablet features coming since from the days of Honeycomb we haven’t seen any more solid tablet-specific modifications. Take everything with a grain of salt, except for the name, that’s pretty much official now.