Well, that’s one nifty thing to catch on camera: the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet running Android Ice Cream Sandwich thanks to a port. The $200 slate has been seen as the perfect vessel to port the latest Android releases lately and now it gets this Android 4.0 boost. Developer G1011999 is responsible for this trick.

ICS is still buggy in its Amazon Kindle Fire experience, especially when moving from one screen to another. Also, the developer didn’t quite show apps in action on the platform. Considering the low amount of RAM and not so evolved CPU on the tablet, I’m not expecting this thing to fly through Android 4.0. Well, at least there’s something to develop upon and this is a good start.

Considering that this Amazon tablet wasn’t intended for Android 4.0, I have to say that the developing/hacking will take a lot of work and considering the winter holidays are here, no one is in the mood for that right? The developer however promised to release his work to the community and improve on it further.