The demand for cheap entry level tablets on the Chinese market is growing very fast and this triggers a drop in the retail prices, some devices even reaching as low as $100 or even below. Now analysts are saying that this year we’ll see 100 million tablets shipped on the market.


The info is based on supply chain makers and their shipments, with component providers believing that total tablet shipments for big brands will also be in the range of 100 million this year. Chinese component makers say that the total shipments of inexpensive slates in China hit the 60 million mark last year and it’s obviously growing in 2013.

At the moment if you’re looking for a 7 or 8 inch slate in China, its price tag may have fallen to a $70 to $80 mark. Even major brands like Lenovo, Acer and HP are attacking the segment, with cheaper tablets on the market. Acer launched the Iconia B1 with MediaTek CPU, while the future holds even more devices generated by the cooperation of the two companies, some with 8 and 10 inch screens.