According to a report filled by the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Alex Kibkalo, an ex Microsoft employee was arrested on wednesday for stealing Windows-related trade secrets while working for Microsoft.


Alex Kibkalo was trading secrets about Windows 8 to an unnamed technology blogger in France by uploading proprietary software including prerelease software updates for Windows 8 RT and ARM devices. Then he sent this data to a computer in Redmond, Washington and subsequently to his personal Windows Live SkyDrive account.


After this, the unnamed blogger received the files and posted various screenshots of pre-release versions of Windows Operating System. Alex Kibkalo worked for Microsoft for 7 years, when in 2012, he received a poor performance review and threatened to resign if the review was not amended. Alex Kibkalo joined 5nine Software back in August 2013 as Director of Product Management for Security and Management products, as we can see on his LinkedIn profile.