We discussed the possibility of an 8 inch Nexus table a while ago and now we’ve got new sources detailing Google’s plans in that area. Google is said to be planning an 8.9 inch slate for release this year, according to IHS Technology, quoted by CNET.


The product is expected to be a high performance one and volume production should start in in July or August. Apparently, this is a lower volume product, with a premium price tag in order to support the high end specs. The same source mentions HTC as a potential manufacturer and a potential price above $299.

Seeing how Amazon’s 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HDX has been well received, there’s certainly room on the market for one more 8.9 incher with Android. The source also mentioned that there will be a new Nexus 7 this year, but no exact info has been revealed in that regard just yet. Traditionally, the Nexus tablets debuted around the summer time. Will the newcomer be ready by then?