The Lenovo Folder Pad Tablet is a multi mode device, one that was designed to be held in the hands or propped up like a touch display. Lenovo continues to explore new product formats and segments, using a variety of designs, such as this one.


The name Lenovo Folder Pad Tablet comes from the stand that props up like a flap from the back side. You can connect a wireless keyboard to the device and you can actually use it as a desktop PC. Or you can fold the kickstand in a flat mode and use this gadget like a regular slate. Keep in mind that Lenovo has yet to announce this product, but the designers have rushed to submit it for award consideration at IDSA and Red Dot.

We can see this model as some sort of rival for the Microsoft Surface, especially with that flat keyboard shown in the pics. There’s no specs or details about the hardware yet, but we did spot stereo speakers and a wedge style design. This could actually be a big diagonal model, since it’s meant to be used as a desktop sometimes.