A new LED panel concept was released recently by a japanese company named Oji. This new LED panel was developed using the fabrication technology of patterned sapphire substrates (PSS), a technology that improves the performance of front luminance of LEDs by more than double compared with LEDs that doesn’t have sapphire substrate.


The technologies used by Oji can enhance the light extraction efficiency of LEDs by applying a sapphire substrate with a fine structure. It seems that this technology will come to market in 2016. Besides using this technology on LED panels, it can also be used on car lighting, military applications and much more.


Recently, the japanese company showed how much brighter an OLED display with sapphire based technology would be compared to an basic OLED panel. We also find out that an OLED display like this won’t use a lot of power, it can realize a lower power consumption and a longer product life. Even if the 2016 it’s the year when this technology will be available on the market, maybe Apple would manage to release a product with this kind of panel earlier.

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