One would expect the big rollout of the second wave of Galaxy Fold, the fixed edition to start somewhere in South Korea. Well, the device was just spotted in India for some reason and we try to see what this leak is all about.

Found by Sammobile, the leaked hands on photo comes from the metro in New Delhi, where a man was using what appears to be a Galaxy Fold. It’s also the first time that a “civilian” is seen handling the foldable phone and not a Samsung official during a presentation or a YouTuber. Unveiled back in February during an Unpacked event, the device caught quite a bit of flack because of its problems with the screen protection and gaps in the design.

It was quickly pulled back from the reviewers and Samsung went back to fix all issues. We heard of a tentative July release, but that’s probably just in South Korea. A safer bet would be August or September. The fixed Galaxy Fold may as well arrive with the Note 10 on August 7th. We recently heard that the company was mass testing over 2000 units of the Fold, trying to solve all problems.

Sammy may have been using members of the public for that, which would explain this leak. I’m guessing there’s some NDA in place and this slip up is just one of the first we’re going to see. This also kind of confirms that India is on the map for the device’s re-release. Also, the latest negative rumors talk about Samsung bringing this in store in the holiday season.