We have come across a fresh report concerning the state of the Indian tablet market, with an emphasis on the 4G slates. It comes from Cybermedia Research and shows that the 4G tablets grew an impressive 62% in India in Q1 2019 alone.

This even more impressive when you think that the same tablet segment declined by 11% in Q1 2018. Lenovo remains the biggest tablet vendor in India, with a 29% share of the market. Samsung is placed second in the 4G area, with 17%, while iBall is third with 17%. We don’t have clear and detailed shipment figures for any of these OEMs. The combined shipments of tablets costing between $145 and $300 grew 28% in Q1 2019, compared to the previous quarter.

Lenovo has a massive 90% share of the 4G tablet market, especially thanks to the M Series devices. The trend will continue upwards, as people transition from 3G units to 4G ones. And that all happens as the tablet market is supposed to be dropping, as big screen smartphones and ultrabooks are eating into it. Tablets fit right between the ultrabooks and phones right now.

The variety of formats is their strong suit, plus the experiments, like convertibles and hybrids and the fact you can browse and watch videos on a large screen without paying a premium for it.