A recent piece in the WSJ details the satisfaction of Samsung executives in relation to the high sales of the Galaxy Tab slate. Back in December they claimed that the 1 million units sold back then meant that the sales were “faster than expected” and then in January the figure jumped to 2 million. Before once again praising its product, Samsung should do something about those 15% return rates…

Meanwhile, the ITG Investment Research collected data from almost 6,000 US retailers from November to mid-January, with the result being a return rate of 15% in the States, as mentioned by the NY Post. The same source reports that the iPad only has a 2% return rate, at least for the models sold through the Verizon Wireless stores.

This study becomes irrelevant when you think that it only applies to the US and only to the Verizon iPads. Also, the Galaxy Tab side of things is irrelevant, because 1.65 million of the sold Tabs were outside of the US. Is Apple trying to backfire on the whole losing market share thing?

To top it all, there was a “lost in translation” situation with Samsung executive Lee Young-hee saying that the Galaxy Tab sales were “quite smooth”, while the papers got wind of a transcript saying that they were “quite small”. Imagine the number of blogs and publications being updated right now from Tab small sales to smooth… Hilarious, right?