Electrolux is a world famous brand, a Swedish multinational company actually and one of the major makers of electronic domestic gear. Now there’s an Electrolux tablet out there, that’s only in prototype phase for now and it’s codenamed Electrolux Deputy Chief Digital Tablet.

Designed by Dakota Reid, the slate is a kitchen companion, that helps you prepare the best pasta and guacamole, without having to leave greasy prints on your cooking books. The device provides recipes, quantities and it’s built using semi-transparent materials, OLED and an ergonomically shaped case. The apps on it are available with a simple touch of a finger, thanks to the full touch display and you can even attach the tablet to the fridge or to a wall, thanks to a special mount at the back.

The prototype unit reminds me of the QOOQ French cooking tablet. The Electrolux slate also comes with online access via WiFi, recordings for purchase and used ingredients, alerts and reminders and a rear mounted camera, that scans receipts. Would you something like this in your kitchen?