This week began with Microsoft announcing the Surface Tablet, but they didn’t actually reveal too many details about this device, especially when it comes to pricing and exact launch time frame. We know that the device will debut this fall, but the prices are a mystery right now. Now it appears that the slate will only have a WiFi version at first.

This info came from Bloomberg’s anonymous sources, who say that the Microsoft Surface tablet will ship only in the WiFi version for the initial launch. We could have seen this coming, especially since Microsoft didn’t mention cellular connectivity during the Surface press conference. I have to remind you that this device is manufactured by Taiwanese ODM Pegatron that it’ll be available in two versions, one with Windows 8 Pro and one with Windows RT.

The Win 8 Pro model will use an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, while the RT unit will rely on an ARM chip from Nvidia, probably the Tegra 3. The RT tablet measures 9.3mm in thickness, weighs 1.5 pounds, while the Win 8 Pro unit is heavier, at 2 pounds and 13.5mm thickness. Knowing that Windows 8 is said to add an extra $85 licensing cost to tablets, these models won’t be cheap at all, unless Microsoft is ready to lose money on them… and gain them back from the apps.