A recent study done by the folks of EyeTrackShop involved the top 7 inch tablets and placed them in front of participants, tracking their eye movements. The aim here was to determine which one was the most popular model among them. The duelling devices were the iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD.

Test subjects had a glance at them and then at the company’s current advertising campaign, with the result being that the iPad Mini won with a 40% higher purchase intent than its rivals. This means that just by looking at the Apple 7.9 inch tablet, users became more interested in buying it than the rival products. It seems that Apple applying for the “rectangle with curved corners” is paying off, since its format has become recognizable by the masses.

The study was conducted on 600 users who allowed access to their webcams and were shown the tablets before being asked follow-up questions. About 25% of the respondents said that they intend to buy a tablet within a month. Heat mapping and gaze opacity were analyzed in the study. The Kindle Fire HD was second when it comes to recognition, getting 52% recognition, compared to the iPad Mini’s 73%. Most respondents said that the price is a very important aspect when shopping for a new product.