It appears that we’re dealing with a segment that has a growing popularity: 8 inch Windows 8 tablets. The latest such newcomer is the Dell Venue 8, shown in action below. It was caught on camera recently and I bet we’re going to be seeing more of these videos, since IDF 2013 is taking place these days.


The product weighs 400 grams, works very fast, as you can see in the video and actually keeps some of the pleasant design lines of the Venue series. It does come off as a bit glossy and a suffering from glare and I can’t understand why people in the video keeping playing with the brightness so much.

The device seems to have a soft touch back, that might as well be metal, for all we know. The slate packs a Bay Trail T quad core processor, an IPS display with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, Windows 8.1 and it will come with a stylus and keyboard  options. There will be a special Venue event on October 2nd in New York, so we’ll learn more there.

  • 1stkorean

    Its a Dell so it’s destined to fail!

  • Vasco Almeida

    He said it was full HD?!! why it says on the text is only 1280 x 800 thats for (720) HD only!!!???

  • Vasco Almeida

    I don’t know! need to wait for the microsoft/nokia tablet to see!… it’s the one he is going to be agains at! also lot of people are coming to like the windows 8.1 on their phones and tablets… unfortunately not that much on the PC mostly because I think microsoft is always trying to make us buy pc with touch when it isn’t needed! the only thing good I see is one only glass, point to point, screen like mac. more beautifull and easy to clean!