Dell doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith in Android, so it has chosen Windows 8 for its upcoming tablets instead of Google’s operating system. Dell CEO And founder Michael Dell recently announced that the company will be relying on Win 8 for the future slates.

He must not be very happy with the way the Streak models have been doing I guess. Mr. Dell said that the market for Android devices hasn’t developed as much as the company he runs had hoped. Dell has yet to impress in the tablet and smartphone segment, although the Venue Pro smartphone was a very good attempt. Also, the first Streak was somewhat of a premiere and it had potential, but the delayed updates crippled it.

With Honeycomb not yet mature and not much seeming to change with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, maybe it’s safe to bet on Windows 8 right now, especially for companies like Dell, who is still seeking a successful format on the portable market. Of course aside from laptops and netbooks… Plus, if HP has failed at making a decent tablet, Dell has all the reason to be afraid of the same fate since they’ve been rivals with similar paths in recent years.

  • Mark Adams

    In my opinion not a good move for Dell. There are a lot of users that just hate Microsoft in every way. I like both Android and Windows myself. Price wise Android will win hands down as windows tablets tend to have a higher price range but are slowly becoming more affordable for some users. I think Dell should continue to offer both Android and Windows tablets or slates as some call them. I think for Dell it just comes down to that their model of Android tablets are not selling as well as they expected. Hardware wise I have always went with Samsung tablets, the problem I have with Samsung is that they don’t Update them as they should.