Not satisfied with playing Rock Band on your iPad or iPhone? Then you can turn your Apple tablet into a guitar without too many tweaks, using the iTar accessory. This gadget can make the iPad any instrument you want and the guitar part is just for design, while the software does the tricks.

Starr Labs is a company that makes normal guitars, but they stepped out of their boundaries and accessed the technologically evolved market of iPad accessories. Their product snaps onto the iPad immediately like a shell and you just need to launch the app of your choice to start playing. Starr Labs is looking to raise $50,000 by December 6th, or else the project will probably die.

Right now the iTar has 19 supporters and $3,821 donated. The thing here is that you’re not allowed to buy an iTar unless you donate at least $200 at first. In other news, there’s a similar add-on that turns the tablet into a gaming console: Atari Arcade. Which one do you fancy more?