Remember the days of the Dell Venue Pro? Boy, was that a swell Windows Phone 7 model, or what? Then Dell had the great Dell Streak in the same year, getting the ball rolling in the mini tablet area, but they’ve been quiet since then. They couldn’t quite make it in the tablet biz and remained a spec of dust in the field of smartphones. But now something may be cooking…


The device pictured above was leaked by Evan Blass a while ago and it was apparently an early Dell prototype of a full Windows 10 device. It was a full Windows 10 machine, x86 and all, in smartphone form factor and with cellular connectivity. It would have also enabled a full version of Continuum to play out, with a lap dock also involved to completely fire up a laptop.

The project was dropped, just as Intel killed its Atom range of CPUs. Now speculations are saying this project may reappear in the guise of a Surface Phone, or at least a phablet capable to run full Windows 10. And I have to say that the handset wasn’t bad looking at all and neither was the laptop behind it. We expect to hear more about this come BUILD 2017.