It appears that Microsoft’s partners for the Windows 8 initiative are actually doing it more harm than its rivals. How often have you heard hardware companies from the Android world saying something bad about Windows 8 slates and how often Win 8 partners complain about something? Acer’s boss was very angry about the Surface and now Dell is saying that the branding of the Windows RT and Win 8 slates can cause confusion.


There’s actually a choice between 4 versions of devices you can buy: slates with Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT. The first 3 are compatible with traditional Intel chips and can run older Windows programs, while Win RT is all about the ARM. The platform also brings a preinstalled version of Office 2013, but it cannot run standard desktop applications. Jeffrey Clarke, Dell’s vice chairman and president of the PC business mentioned during the recent Dell World conference in Austin that he talked to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer about the disadvantages of the branding.

Windows RT is the one causing confusion and frankly speaking, this is the second time in a week I’ve heard someone criticizing the use of the Windows brand. Last week we had a piece on how analysts and experts are suggesting that Microsoft ditches Windows and goes with Surface OS instead. Neil Hand, Dell tablet VP says that no matter the name of the RT Windows, tablet makers and PC makers would still have to teach consumers what the differences are. “And the point is?” I wonder… I guess it’s just Dell complaining about not being in the game enough…