Dell is preparing to go public and in the middle of that situation, the driving force behind the company, Michael Dell stepped up and admitted that the quick rise of tablets surprised him. We all know that smartphones and tablets have grown quite a bit over the past years, but apparently Dell was taken by surprise by that.


PC sales have slowed down more than ever and even in the holiday season of 2012 that was felt, while tablets grew to huge sales. Dell’s founder is trying to bring the PC maker back to being relevant and now Dell is buying out the company from shareholders with the aid of Microsoft, for a $23 billion deal. Almost 30 years ago Michael Dell started this company in his parents’ garage and now it has come to this. However, with all his expertise and knowledge, the very rapid ascension of slates and the fact that they’re replacing PCs took him by surprise.

Dell needs some freedom to make changes at the company that the founder started and I’m curios to see how that translates to the post PC world dominated by tablets. We’ll probably see a few Android devices, maybe some Win RT cheap tablet attempts and maybe some Windows Phone handsets. It may take a while though…