HP just debuted a laptop that goes far beyond its 13.3 inch diagonal. This is the HP Elite Dragonfly laptop, that’s a convertible with a lot of battery. It’s also got flagship specs, so I guess it’s rather close to being a MacBook Air killer.

HP Elite Dragonfly promises a battery life of over 24 hours. It comes with a CNC machined magnesium alloy chassis and the weight is a mere 990 grams. In spite of that it somehow squeezes in a 38 Wh battery. HP claims that the chassis is also rather strong, meeting the durability requirements for MILD-STD 810G, including spill resistance. The screen is a 13.3 inch one with touch support and it’s available in Full HD and 4K flavours.

Options include a version of the panel that has the Intel 1 watt panel technology. We also have Gorilla Glass 5 protection and for privacy sake there’s a SureView privacy screen. What makes this device tick is an 8th gen Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor of the Whiskey Lake variety. It’s compliant with Intel’s Project Athena requirements and it’s accompanied by 16 GB of RAM (dual channel and soldered down), plus a SSD of up to 2 TB.

Connectivity is also premium: WiFi 6 + Bluetooth 5 adapter, Intel XMM 4G LTE modem with 4X4 antenna, GbE adapter (optional). There’s a Thunderbolt 3 enabled USB-C port, plus a standalone USB-C port, an USB-A port as well and a full size HDMI. The PC has 4 Bang & Olufsen speakers in the mix for excellent acoustics and a 720p Privacy Camera in the mix. Sales start on October 25th and prices go form $1549.

You also get a travel mouse and a leather sleeve too.