Dell has made an important step for making Windows slates more affordable, since they just cut teh price of the Windows RT XPS 10 slate, making it reach a mere $300. Windows RT as a general product segment has experienced important price cuts over the past months.


The XPS 10 is now $299.99, a price reduction of $150 from the previous pricing and a major $200 down from its first sale price in October 2012. This is the very first time a Windows RT slate reaches this landmark of pricing and this comes just a week or two after we’ve heard an Intel official speaking about potential future $200 Windows tablets.

This shows it can be done, but we’re a long way from $200 Windows 8 slates. We can’t even say for sure if Win RT will survive after the Win 8.1 release, of if it will be merged into it. By the way, Dell also sells the 64 GB version of the XPS 10 for $499.99 and you can also get a mobile keyboard dock and 4G LTE antenna bundled.