I’ve seen this trend quite a bit lately: turning a regular flat screen TV without kickass feature into a Smart TV via a tablet and the slate itself is turned into a TV box. It’s all done with the proper kit and software, such as the one described below.


A Chinese tablet maker named Cube, one that we’ve actually heard of before has expanded into this area. Cube launched an accessory kit that will make your tablet into a TV box. All you need to do is connect your tablet to the TV using HDMI or Miracast. Then you can rely on the remote control bundled with the Cube product for video playback, navigation through apps and more.

Frankly speaking, I see this solution one that’s viable for that old tablet you’ve got thrown on the floor in your room, not your main device. Of course, you can also use it as an e-reader, if it’s portable enough. Is there a real market for such products? What do you think?