Remix OS is an interesting piece of software, based on Android and made with serious multitasking in mind. It’s very different from Android, as its looks show. This is the star of the new Cube i7 Remix slate, that’s shown below.


This slate is based on the Intel Z3735F processor and comes with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. The screen available here is a 11.6 incher with a Full HD resolution and finally, the product comes with an 8400 mAh battery, that should offer one day of functioning. Remix OS is meant with productivity in mind, courtesy of a very efficient multi window feature.

Cube i7 Remix costs $188 on Gearbest and in case you’re wondering why the screen is dubbed “Retina” here, well it’s promoted as a “full view retina screen with good experiences for watching videos”. Don’t worry too much about this type of promotion, because I’ve seen HD phones promoted as Full HD, but then corrected saying “Full HD viewing”. No Retina here!