Patrick Moorhead, former AMD executive and now consultant and industry analyst made some interesting claims about Windows tablets in their duel with the iPad. He addressed the enterprise environment in his claims and while there’s no room for comparison of these device’s sales, at least not now.

win 8 versus ipad

However, the analyst estimates that in the future Windows 8 and the touch-based interface it promotes will play a bigger role. The iPads got to corporations and enterprises because the employees all had one, while Windows was always at hand in the first place. The offices are all Windows centric and their IT management infrastructure is already created. Meanwhile, iOS devices will require the purchase of extra tools to secure and manage.

If there’s enterprise software not optimized for iOS, it will need to be rewritten to work on it. With Windows 8 that doesn’t happen, so sometimes the Surface, Dell or HP tablet is a wise choice, one saving time. Moorhead calls the new Windows 8 tablets a “new breed of enterprise tablet”, but that remains to be seen in the following years.