Chinese white box tablet vendors seem to prefer MediaTek quad core processors to other solutions of this kind. There’s a growing demand of 3G tablet models right now and we’ve seen an increasing adoption of 3G-supporting quad core IC solutions made by the company Mediatek.


Allwinner Technology and Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics are the leaders of IC solutions for white box vendors, because of their reasonable prices. MediaTek’s solutions offer the advantage of 3G functions included, while quad core solutions by Allwinner, Rockchip and other companies only come with WiFi.

That’s why MediaTek was chosen over its rivals and they’ve gained the upper hand in developing 3G slates. One of the major white box vendors in China is Jingwah Digital, that ships 300k to 500k tablets a month and another big name is PN Device, that ships 200k units monthly France, Germany and Spain, as well as Eastern Europe.