There is a lot of talk for Apple’s plans this year to announce new devices including in the iPhone and iPad department. Some even say that this is the year when the manufacturer might announce its second gen iPad Mini, along with a fifth gen fully fledged iPad tablet device. As for the iPhone, we expect the 5S to be announced soon enough.


What looks like the first casing designed to fit the upcoming 5th Gen iPad surfaced today, brought by website It shows a design that is all too familiar and featuring the lightning dock connector at the bottom. Of course, this case could have been made for just about anything, even the current gen Apple tablet, as we can’t exactly tell from the images.

With the iPad 5 casing also comes a rather long expected piece of info. It states that Apple is going going to announce the new device and more, at a media event on the 18th of June. With this occasion the manufacturer will announce the new tablet that is thinner, lighter and with a thinner bezel than the current one. Of course there is no word about it being accurate, and we think that an official statement is still miles away. Still these rumors do serve their purposes.