It seems that Lenovo and Intel are working tight these days, promoting the chipset solutions of the latter. One of the prototypes with the Intel Medfield silicon inside shown at CES 2012 is seen below, a 10 inch Lenovo tablet that promises 10 hours of battery life and also brings Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with it.

The duel between ARM and Intel is getting tougher, at least at CES, especially with both promising great battery lives. Performance is not an issue here, since that’s what all chipmakers are striving for from the get go, but the real problem is getting that piece of silicon to use less power and still deliver great performance. The tablet you see here is the 10 inch Lenovo IdeaPad K2110 powered by a CPU produced with the 32nm process.

This unit’s battery life is supposed to be 10 hours with intense ICS usage, on par with the best slates on the market right now. In case you’re wondering, the Lenovo prototype tablet supports a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, has a SIM card slot, HDMI out, NFC connectivity and it’s also pretty slim. 3D rendering is also listed among its functions.