Intel Medfield was present on a Lenovo tablet at CES 2012, where the device was showcased. Intel had previously stated that it wants to make a big mark in the Android segment this year and one of the companies that will aid it in this task is Lenovo. This company demoed a tablet based on the Intel Medfield solution in Las Vegas and you can see the device below.

Inside the slate there’s a chip created through the 32nm manufacturing process, that gave birth to a tablet that’s a mere 8.9mm thick and even slimmer around the edges, according to its maker. The device runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a hands on session with it revealed a responsive experience and a very fluid interaction. The multitasking menu was easily handled, although some areas of the interface had to go against lag. Since this is a test unit, expect all the flaws to be corrected till the final version is out.

The problem with such tablets is that usually developers create Android apps with certain chipsets/hardware platforms in mind, so now they’ll have to tweak their code to fit Intel’s requirements for Medfield, for example. Let’s see what will come out of this Android + Intel + Lenovo combo.