January 30th is the big day for all BlackBerry fans, who will get to greet the brand new OS that RIM invested its hopes and money in. On this date, in New York City BB 10 OS will be launched and that will be broadcasted live, right here, starting at 10 am EST.


We expect the BlackBerry Z10 and X10 to be showcased as well and fully demoed by RIM officials. Those two phones have leaked a lot over the past weeks and months, in specs, videos and comparisons with other handsets like the iPhone 5. We know that the Z10 is a full touch 4.2 inch handset without capacitive keys or physical ones upfront, while the X10 is a more typical BlackBerry, with a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen display.

Both models are said to have dual core CPUs and 2 GB of RAM, plus 16 GB of storage, microSD card slots and 8 megapixel cameras. We have no prices for now, but we do know that both models are expected to pop up in stores in February. I can’t wait to see the finalized version of BB 10 OS, that will make or break RIM’s future.