Even if ASUS didn’t showcase much a deal of novelty at CES 2010, MWC 2010 is coming and with it maybe a breath of fresh air from the maker of the Eee PC devices. Recently, we’ve found out, courtesy of an Asustek board chairman that the company is readying an Apple iPad killer for the month of June.

Apparently, the device is based on an ARM solution and it’ll use the technologies provided by Microsoft, Intel and Google. It’s too bad that we have no info on this killer product, but what we do know is that starting June 1st, ASUS and the company Pegatron will go their separate ways, so maybe this will affect the upcoming tablet?

We expect the device to be Eee-branded, possibly based on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform and available with a $500 price tag.

[via mobile-review]