Qisda is a brand you’ll be hearing about in the future, as they’ve recently unveiled a bunch of pretty promising products, like smartphones, E-readers and tablets.

The former BenQ, now Qisda shows the world two neat E-readers, pictured in this article and detailed after the break: QEB-101 and QEB-102.

Both feature 6 inch screens and we learn that Qisda QEB-101 comes with a comfortable leather cover for its body, a touch display with support for stylus control and finger sliding and zoom in.

Connected to the required network, this gadget allows the users to buy e-books and download digital content.

QEB-102 features bookmark shortcut keys, fast page turning, highlighted “next page” buttons and a built-in touchscreen, with support for stylus control, finger sliding and zoom in.

[via news.zol.com.cn]