Aaron J. Seigo published on his blog an idea of a pretty original tablet dubbed Aseigo, that you can see below. This is the first tablet with Plasma Active preinstalled and a product that’s meant to cost only 200 euros. The device’s real name is Spark and this slate uses an open Linux stack and unlocked hardware, plus open content and app services.

The hardware includes a 1GHz AMLogic ARM processor, a Mali 400 GPU, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, an SD card slot and a 7 inch multitouch display, plus WiFi support. It’s all about free software here and a list of applications that this unit provides for free, something that’s lacking from many other slates. Various technologies are mentioned in relation to this tablet: OwnCloud hosting services, Kolab and Kontact Touch deployment support and Qt/QML add-on apps.

The content store for this device will offer free books from Project Gutenberg and various other educational media. Linux tools will also be provided for free and Aarron J. Seigo mentions the involvement of the entire Plasma Active community in this project. Soon we’ll have orders for the device and a real way to buy it online, but right now we have to wait and see if this tablet becomes real.