Archos Design has announced a tablet accessory this time, not a new slate and believe it or not, the accessory is made for the iPad, not an Android tablet. Archos is the maker of some interesting Android tablets, including a gaming tablet, a kids tablet and several high end units.


The iPad keyboard is shown in the image above and the product is called the Ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard for iPad. The accessory sets you back $79 and it’s expected to be available in March. It’s important to know that Archos Design and Archos are not exactly the same thing, just like LG Display and LG are not exactly the same company. Archos Design is a new division of Archos that’s meant to share Archos designs and innovation on varied platforms, as the company itself claims.

It’s interesting to see Archos branching out to other products, like accessories for the iPad and all that. Let’s see what they come up with next: maybe a keyboard dock with an extra battery, maybe something for Windows 8 devices or maybe something for handsets.