We knew that Apple was prepping a few new iPads for 2022, but this piece of news came out of left field. It turns out that the Cupertino giant is now working on a huge iPad, a 15 inch device, that may rival the Amazon Echo Show 15.

The info comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, published in his weekly Power On newsletter. While Apple covers a lot of segments, what they’re lacking is a proper smart display. A 15 inch iPad may find room in its lineup. Back in June Apple had engineers and designers prepping larger screen iPads to hit the shelves in a few years. Now we learn that the product may not make it in 2022, but instead we’ll get a regular size iPad Pro.

Back to the 15 inch iPad, it would help Apple take over the living room, completing the experience of the of the Apple TV. It would also have extra appeal compared to the other huge tablets, with a larger library of games and apps in the App Store. Also, in general when Samsung or some other company launches a giant screen tablet, it’s underpowered and lesser specced. Apple would go full out with the specs.

Gurman also claims that the new slate would have a powerful CPU and a top notch camera, plus very powerful speakers. There’s also the mention of a rear racing power plug, wall mount support and probably a kickstand or handle. In the meantime the iPad Pro series is expected to get mini LED panels.