Just a couple of days ago we had an article saying that over the past weekend Motorola began the rollout of Android 4.0.3 on the Xoom tablets. Not, one of our friends @myandroidlife confirmed that he just received the update to ICS on his Xoom tablet over the air. There’s photo an video proof below, if you’re interested, courtesy of the same source.

The beginning of 2012 brought us some updates for some of the most important tablets in Android recent history. One of them is the Transformer Prime, the first quad core slate with Android, that received its share of ICS last week, on the 10th instead of the 12th, as promised. Now the Xoom is up and ASUS also promised to update the first Transformer tablet as soon as possible. I imagine that at some point in the Sprint Samsung will decide to gives its 2011 Galaxy Tab lineup the possibility of updating to ICS.

In case you’re wondering what this upgrade brings to the Xoom, it’s the usual increase in stability, gets rid of bugs, insures a flawless experience in the use of Android and probably offers that Face Unlock feature that everyone craves for, although I can’t really guarantee that. I’m really excited about the multitasking with apps being closed by swiping them off the screen in the latest Android, so that’s probably the feature I like the most in this Android.