We’re used to Apple topping the charts of consumer satisfaction and experience surveys, but today we learn that it’s not exactly like that. Apparently, the Cupertino giant is now behind Samsung, Sony and Microsoft in a brand new customer experience survey.


This one comes from Forrester Research and it’s quoted by the Wall Street Journal, so it’s a big deal. By the way, while this is the third annual survey, it’s the first with Apple falling behind their rivals. 7500 customers were asked about their preferences and their retail and customer support experiences.

The responses were used to assign each company an index score and determine the winners and losers. Amazon scored the highest, among the 17 consumer electronics manufacturers in North America. Their rating was 91 and Sony placed second with 83, while Samsung and Microsoft scored 82. Apple earned a “good” score, somewhere close to 80 points or so, lagging behind its rivals.

Is Apple becoming too big for its own good, with too many retail stores to get an unified experience for all?